Pressure in Forehead + Vibrating, Tingling, Buzzing in Head

Are you experiencing pressure in your forehead, or any part of your head for that matter?

Is it accompanied by strange sensations such as vibration, buzzing, tingling? Perhaps you have dripping sensations or what feels like insects crawling under your scalp.

Does every single medical test such as CT scans and MRIs come back negative? Does the doctor try to treat you for anxiety? Is the neurologist baffled?

If all those medical tests are coming back negative, it’s probably safe to say that what you’re experiencing is outside the scope of western medical science. Furthermore, this experience is also outside the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in my experience.

Welcome to the world of spiritual awakening, my friend!

Now hold on a sec. It’s not as weird or mystical as it sounds. I see it as a natural growth process, much like how one experiences puberty — and that was just as weird, or perhaps weirder! :)  But it’s not important that you accept or believe this.

I first experienced this as a dull ache in my forehead in Feburary of 2009, which developed following a long period of intense emotional & energetic work called Self Acceptance Training. A few months later in May,  the energy began to expand and move and take on a more active, dynamic and alive quality. I began to feel the vibrations and tingling and buzzing sensations.

Vibrations, tingling, buzzing, etc.  This all seems to be some kind of energetic happening, and not only that, but it has an electrical quality.

Are you still with me? What, you don’t believe in “energy,” except for those detached, abstract theories in physics class? Well physics will also tell you that everything is made of energy. In fact, E=MC² tells you that matter IS energy. And the biggest reason of all to start believing in energy as a force in your life is the fact that you’re experiencing it now right in the middle of your fucking head. Capiche? :)

But I digress (necessarily, for all you skeptics).

So what’s going on here? Is there really electricity in your head? Well your whole brain runs on electricity, so that’s definitely the case. But usually you don’t feel the electricity in your brain, so what gives? It feels as if these energetic sensations are happening on the same “level” as your experience of pain, pleasure, emotions, etc; that place which you might call your consciousness or field of awareness.

Is there such a level that’s distinguishable from the physical level? You certainly can’t substantiate an emotion or even a thought in physical space, but it definitely exists. I’m not saying this level is separate from your physical body, just that it has qualities, characteristics and existents that are qualitatively different from that of physical matter.

To put it another way, this energetic occurrence is happening on the level of consciousness, not physical matter (though they’re not separate). Don’t get too hung up on this distinction, because it’s not important. What’s important is to realize that if this dense substance was really inside your head, and your brain was being zapped with an external source of electrical current, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, or anything else ever again, now would you?

So what is this electrical activity that you’re experiencing on the level of your consciousness?  Some insight from A.H. Almaas can help us here:

The chakras work with the energy that is the raw material for emotional states… Prana is the energy connected with breathing and hence with vitality… Kundalini is the main energy that fuels the chakra system. It is connected with sexual energy, but it is sexual energy only when operating in the lower chakras. In the heart chakra it is experienced as love; in the head chakras it is experienced as light. Shakti is the same energy but in a different form, that of power. It is experienced as having more of an electrical quality than kundalini. (Essence, pg 39)

So we see here that Shakti is the same energy as Kundalini, albeit in a different form. That form is described as “power” and has a more electrical quality than Kundalini. Does that clear things up for you? ;)

So Shakti is basically the main energy of the chakra system that appears in the form of power and electricity. The chakras are simply emotional/energetic centers, but that’s not important right now. All that’s important to recognize is that this vibrational, eletrical energy is probably shakti. What else can we learn about Shakti? A simple Google search found some juicy tidbits on this page about our good friend Sri Aurobindo:

In Sanskrit, the term for energy is shakti, the force or active power of the Divine and it signifies the feminine principle. In the Tantric tradition, and according to Sri Aurobindo, Shakti is the Divine Mother, the Consciousness-Force of God. As creator of the worlds, Shakti is manifested in all things, and is at the core of Sri Aurobindo’s teaching of Integral Yoga. The following from Sri Aurobindo’s, The Mother, describes three facets of the Divine Mother:

“The Mother is the divine Conscious-Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence. The Mother is the consciousness and force of the Supreme . . .Transcendent, the original supreme Shakti, she stands above the worlds and links the creation to the ever unmanifest mystery of the Supreme. Universal, the cosmic Mahashakti, she creates all these beings and contains and enters, supports and conducts all these million processes and forces. Individual, she embodies the power of these two vaster ways of her existence, makes them living and near to us and mediates between the human personality and the divine Nature”

Whoa! What the fuck is that about? I don’t profess to understand everything or most of what’s being said there, but the last part is of particular interest to me. Shakti “mediates between the human personality and the divine Nature.” What this indicates to me is that the presence of the Shakti in my consciousness is an indication of some kind of process happening between my personality and the Divine (or God or Spirit or Being — whatever you want to call it is fine with me. :)

(At this point, I think it’s safe to say we’ve lost all the skeptics, so I’ll dispense with justifying everything to them. If you’re still here, congratulations; you get a gold star. :)

This process can also be called spiritual awakening. Welcome to the next stage of evolution, my friend!

“What Should I Do?”

What should you do? Well, first, start getting used to it. Don’t be afraid. You cannot get rid of it, but that’s OK because it can’t really hurt you and in fact, it will culminate in some pretty awesome stuff. But there are some important practices that you need to embrace. This is where the rubber meets the road.

If you first experienced these sensations in your head, then you’re having a Descending experience and you should bring the energy and presence down into your body. You can do this by feeling your arms and legs, pelvis and feet, at the same time that you’re feeling the pressure and vibrations in your head. You will then probably notice that the energy begins to be present in your body as well, as you begin to experience twitches throughout.

If you first experienced these sensations at the base of your spine, you’re having an Ascending experience, traditionally known as a Kundalini activation. You should then try to move the energy upwards by pointing your eyes upwards, sticking your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and other practices recommended here.

No matter which you’re experiencing, you’re bound to experience a lot of strange energetic and physical phenomena. Practices that help include receiving acupuncture treatment to help your nervous system adjust, yoga to help open any blocked spaces, walking barefoot in the grass to help ground your energy and any kind of physical activity in general.

I also recommend The End of Your World, by Adyashanti, which will help to explain what the hell is going on.

Godspeed, friend. :)

UPDATE: August 29, 2012 – I recently published some additional advice for one of my readers that wrote in regarding an intense energetic experience they’re having.

21 thoughts on “Pressure in Forehead + Vibrating, Tingling, Buzzing in Head

  1. Outstanding! Yessssss, I feel it all and I often ask myself “what the fuck was that??” Your post is highly interesting and welcomed. I’m in the head-pelvis-arms-legs-hands-feet stage. What an experience this is!!
    Thank you :)

  2. I get pressures in my forehead, severe deja Vus, and than things that seem paranormal like seeing certain things at night, and i get the twitches when i rub my forehead sometimes like my legs really just spas kinda than the pressure goes in my forehead and the spasms stop

    • Hi Hayden,

      Sounds like it’s happening to you! What kind of things are you seeing at night?

      Just keep in mind that this is all normal, and you’re not going crazy. It may seem very strange, and may often not make much sense, but there’s a deeper intelligence operating.

  3. Was just Googling “energetic vibrations and pressure” and found this. Thought you might be interested in why I was searching such a thing.
    I’ve been opening spiritually for 3 years now and in the past year I discovered a soul mate, whom I have a very interesting connection with that isn’t controlled by proximity. Her and I can connect all of our chakras if we’re willing and there have been times where I choose not to. Some times I get an intense surge of energy towards my third eye as if trying to get my attention and during that I feel a change in pressure with my ears…very odd.

    In the past my third eye was not as open as it is now and if I ignored her energetic presence some times her mental connection with me could create some incredible headaches. That’s a thing of the past, as it seems after I was forced to receive higher levels of energy than my body is normally used to.

    Feeling the mental/physical/spiritual connection of another human being is an incredible thing guys. Don’t shy away, embrace your spiritual evolution and enjoy life like never before!

  4. Thank you, Marshall, for an excellent overview. I live with all those symptoms you describe initially, so this is a good reminder. I especially enjoyed the practical advice at the end.

  5. Wow. Wikipedia surprisingly has some useful information for once. Usually the spiritual stuff is heavily academic. Thanks a lot for the tip. Several of the “seven indicators of healthy spiritual transformation” apply to me!

  6. I happened to Google “pressure in forehead third eye” and found this. I have been researching spiritual awakening since December of last year and started feeling a pressure between my eyebrows about 4 months ago. I dont really understand it and didn’t even think it was possibly related to a spiritual awakening until recently. I’m not really sure how to bring the energy down into my body and I honestly don’t really understand what is happening. Does anyone have any recommendations for reading material or any useful advise?

    • I have experienced this pressure on my forehead for ten years. Sometimes the pressure is a diferent tone or more severe. I have felt a ripple or a tap, tap, tap and then the phone would ring and it may be my sister worried and thinking about me. Other times it comes with the way I’m thinking about something.I have also felt a tickling pulling or drawing pull on my forehead. A vision isn’t uncommon to follow. I almost see it as a guiding presence. That tells me to pay attention. I could tell u many anntedotes regarding these experiences but for me it boils down to paying attention. Namaste

  7. A few weeks ago I would have laughed at this article as rubbish but I’m now experiencing what you describe. It came about after meditating which I’ve been using to decrease tension.

    After meditating last night I was almost in a trance for about 2 hours. Just sitting there without a thought in my head. I just felt really light and at peace. Even objects in the room seemed very strange and captivating to me.

    I’ve never been spiritual or religious and I’m still not. But I struggle to explain this any other way. It definitely feels like some kind of energy in brain that has just stayed with me after that experience. I feel great, somehow calmer and changed.

    • I would have believed it was rubbish too, before it actually happened to me! :)

      I’m most definitely not religious, but I have come to embrace a de facto spiritual orientation as a result of my experiences over the last few years.

      This is called an awakening experience because you now know there is something more, something beyond your normal waking experience. My advice to you is to begin to contemplate what a spiritual orientation might mean for you.

      …and this most likely won’t be the last of it. Keep in touch and let me know how things progress.

      • Thanks for the advice. I’ve always been interested in spirituality but never really done much in the way of embracing it.

        It looks like spirituality has found me. I’m happy to go along with it :)

        • A week on and the sensations have mostly gone. If I sit and meditate for a while and get them to return but I no longer feel as though the feeling is with me.

          What should I do?

          • This may be an annoying suggestion, but you could question your thoughts about it.

            The sensations have gone, and that means…. I have lost it. I am not on track anymore. etc.

            Is it true? Can you know for certain it’s true?

          • My advice: Just relax. Don’t get attached to any particular experience. The spiritual path includes many amazing experiences, but experiences are always temporary and fleeting. What’s most valuable on the spiritual path is to transform your consciousness.

            This experience revealed something to you and opened a new door for you by sparking your curiosity about your spiritual nature. Be curious and follow the trail of breadcrumbs. See what you can discover. Additional, and far greater, spiritual experiences await you; but more importantly, a radically new way of being in the world also awaits.

            Keep in touch!

  8. This might sound strange, my entire life I have searched for some meaning to life. I was raised in a christian home and was sent to church like a good boy and I truly tried to believe but could not. I just could not get any feeling from it. I revivalist came to the church on year and laid his hand on my had and I fainted. Ever since then I felt a pressure on my forehead, something was said about a ‘seal’. As the years went by I still never felt anything from church or religion and when I grew up I abandoned religion altogether.
    Over the last few years I have been coming to my own conclusion of spirituality, and then decided to research if my ideas and the feelings inside me were shared by anyone and low and behold there Spirituality is what I have been awaking to and there are thousand, maybe millions of people who also share what I have come to understand, and so much information. The more I research about what I have been experiencing the more changes I can notice about myself, life, those around me, it is…strange but very …I do not know how to describe it, peaceful, happy, joyful. I have always felt that pressure from time to time on my forehead, buy lately now fluttering in my hears inside on both left and right but not the eardrum itself.
    I have caused a lot of negative energies in my life and only now starting to realize it, experiences times of sadness yet not exactly depression per say.
    Your message was greatly received and I thank you.

  9. Hello.. I want to commend you on this outstanding article. I have been steadfastly changing my life towards the spiritual path. I have undertaken yoga and meditation . I have realized that anyone who s done anything in this world worth doing has taken to this path. Your article has really helped me understand the process . I hope we all succeed one day. Thank you

  10. My head has been buzzing for weeks now. It feels like right were the pineal gland is and the pituitary gland… I am looking for more information on descending. That is a new word to me in this context. And I have been working on grounding exercises… anything else I can do? Any more information on descending?

  11. What a relief to read these stories. I was pretty sure that I was having a spiritual experience – yet I was scared. I was afraid. But now, I think, I will be able to be open to what is happening me and be able to direct it even. What a relief!

  12. It woke me last night @ 3:39am after a vivid dream, althought I had pressure in my forehead for years now, this was like itchy sensation like I had bugs crawling on my scalp and forehead I woke up scratching my head and forehead, I guess the energy expended on the top of my head. It kept me up for a while.

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